The Street Urban range from FIVE is designed for urban and subur- ban riders looking for an effective everyday glove. It offers a wide range of choices... starting with the SF series, which are like short leather sport gloves. In the lead, the SF1, which has excelled in the Supermoto world with no less than 11 World Championship titles (for the current series), its worthy successor, the SF2, or, the new SF3. As for the STUNT, it stood out right from the start with its bold, innovative style, even launching its own category, which includes the STUNT EVO, today’s absolute benchmark style. The Sport City has been named “best urban glove” by the most influential French motorcycle magazine. The RS series makes a bold statement world- wide with its practical, functional style, and the Globe is already considered THE new universal, simple, protective glove.

This range is the product of FIVE’s experi- ence at the very highest level of interna- tional competition. Across all disciplines, MotoGP, Superbike, Supersport, and En- durance, gloves from the Racing range are designed for precision steering, both on the track and on the road*. They offer riders guaranteed efficiency, high performance, and protection. Maybe you’ll never ride on a track, but what does it matter? Though some of our Racing gloves are clearly made for competition, others are more multipur- pose in nature and will be perfect at the helm of your own machine for everyday riding... as long as you have that sport bike spirit.

Many famous riders have chosen FIVE gloves during their careers, and each of them has contributed to the development of the styles you’ll discover today. Some of the big names include: Andrea DOVI- SIOSO, Stéphane and Boris CHAMBON, Fabio QUARTARARO, Fabien FORET, Karel ABRAHAM, Jules CLUZEL, Jake JOHNSON, Steve HOLCOMBE and many others. With their help, we’re proud to present the most advanced Racing range that has ever been made for mass production.


Riding isn’t just for men anymore. Women are now joining the ranks of two-wheeled motor connoisseurs in greater numbers than ever... and not just as passengers. More and more ladies are riding. Our Woman range is designed just for you. Though certain styles echo the technical features of our gloves for male riders, their overall shape, ergonomics, and look are specially adapted to women’s hands and their tastes. Because, even on a bike, a woma is still a woman, and will never give up a certain kind of elegance. A woman’s hands speak volumes about her personality, so they deserve the finest of care. Our goal is to offer you the perfect glove: one that’s both protective and elegant.


In motocross or off-road, most riders match their gloves to the rest of their look, and consider gloves as just an extension of their jersey/ pants outfit. You just have to try on a FIVE glove to understand all the benefits of wearing a product designed and made for effective- ness and performance, not just for the look. FIVE gloves provide both improved steering sensitivity, and help prevent blisters, sworn enemies ofany pro or amateur rider. They significantly enhance the joy of riding, and, therefore, the rider’s level of performance. Just as we don’t necessarily match our helmet or our boots to the rest of our outfit, the most demanding riders know that only a glove specialist can offer them the best MX or Off-Road glove. Wearing FIVE gloves is no faux pas...on the contrary, it’s a sign that you pay attention to every single detail. And that alone gives you a serious edge over the competition.


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